What is GNESRI?

GNESRI Community- We are a collective of Collaborators.

Welcome to GNESRI we connect People, Products and Services.

Our mission: We believe that the world is more interconnected than ever today and somehow you made it here, welcome. We build trusted connections and vet the people, products and services.

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We connect you to People, Products and Services in the following industries:

Creators; Artists; Investors; Builders; Consultants; Marketers; Business Developers; Videographers; Media Specialists; Accountants; Coaches; Music Specialists; Doctors; Educators; Retail Businesses; Speakers; Social Businesses; Social Entrepreneurs; Technology; Products; Platforms; Energy; Renewables; Third Party- Government Agencies; Law professionals; Food and Beverage; Emerging Technologies; Clean Energy (solar, Wind, Hydrogen) ; Film Makers, Writers and more…