Queens Bay Resort

Looking for a Lot near Nelson, BC for your holiday home. Check out queensbayresort.ca

Lots starting in the $65k range and contact GNESRI for insiders collaborations and connections.

If modular housing is a preference for your new lot, we connect you as well to some of the best modular supplies on Vancouver island - #nuqoelevated modular #nuqo #QBR #BCliving #luxurylifestyle




Live Zeno

Alberta and Western Canada’s Premier Solar Panel Installation, EV Charging & Energy Savings Company

LIVE ZENO, constantly breaking boundaries and getting us to the root of where we have to be. Net zero emissions.


The CEO's and founders and teams in this company and outstanding!

Their mission and goals have never stopped, especially in a environment where peoples perspectives and understanding of renewables energy was limited or poor just 5 years ago when they started.

Hardworking and dedication to your craft pays off.

Message us at GNESRI for a collaboration today.








Real Estate Packages in BC and Alberta

The go-to Realtors:

Alberta (AB)

Amar Wadhwani- 403.542.9914

British Columbia (BC):

Curtis Singh-250.896.9219

Damian Kruz-250.216.6501

The go-to Mortage Brokers in Alberta (AB):

DLC Elevation Mortgage Julie:403.828.4832 Andy:403.828.8832

The go-to Mortage Brokers in British Columbia (BC): Wendy-250.516.7664


**Do you need assistance with digital services. **

Do you need help applying for Old Age Security, Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) or both Federal and Provincial Services (Canada,BC,AB).

We assist in the application process, getting you set up for services, inform you for which services you can apply for and help you set up all the administration needs.

Being a Better Human Being at Work & Home: A Kick-ass Reminder to Be a Better

Have you had tech issues before, well this interview was full of it, from this being our second take, it took my later to realize that the sound was not being picked up in the recording. But hey, Charlie Chaplin, and Mr. Bean have had such big impacts in the world, please don’t discredit these smiling faces this was an amazing conversation, and please listen to this 6 minute voice recording detailing some of the anecdotes from the conversation.

This week, Gnesri had the chance to interview Steve Brierley. Steve is 1/5 from the group of passionate humans behind the book,"Being a Better Human Being at Work & Home: A Kick-ass Reminder to Be a Better" and also authored the second book of, "Being a Better Human:Teenager".

Steve shares his story on how these two book came to fruition. 1] a tale of a collection of 100 words of wisdoms and insights into little things that truly make us better human beings, and 2] a journal which inspires and shares real stories from real teens.

Visit the website at: https://beingabetterhumanbeing.com/ and order the books online today,https://www.amazon.ca/Being-Better-Human-Work-Home/dp/0228822734 and https://www.amazon.ca/Being-Better-Human-Teenager-Stories-ebook/dp/B08VRHZJ71/ref=sr11?dchild=1&keywords=being+a+better+human%3A+teenager&qid=1635889438&s=books&sr=1-1

Available in paperback or kindle.

The conversation was amazing, I was truly thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from Steve and read the books. Even with no sound on this video (@LINKEDIN) I hope your video AI is up to par and is able to identify the true joyous conversation this was. Please reach out directly to Steve to find out more or inquire on the books and or the plans for storytelling in the future.

Revitalize your energy with @rviitalize

This company produces a natural energy drink- clean Energy Tea to be precise.

Available in flavors of:

Royal-Elderberry Cherrity- Black Cherry Divine - Strawberry Midnight- Blackberry Speachless- Peach Green Tea

Made in Canada. Eco packaged and partnered with @plasticbank.

Copper Water Bottle

Hand Hammered Copper Water Bottle

Lavendar Soap

Organic Soaps

1] Lavender

2] Carbon

3] Beer and Oats

4] Neem

Bear Bait Honey ( Local Farm, Calgary Alberta)

500gm Jar

*Contact for orders over 1 dozen.

Spice Box- Made in India

Steel Spice Box - Made in India

Mexican Honey (Appa Bajio)

Various Flavours: Mezquite Honey Varaduz Honey Multiflora Honey of Altiplano Avocado Honey Citrus Honey Multiflora Honey http://apabajio.com/ Prices depending on quanitiy ordered.

Iceberg Island Water (Newfound Land and Labrador)

Iceberg Island Water- (Newfound Land) Iceberg Island

Aleppo Savon- Soaps

3 Pack Alleposave Soap- Lemon (Made in Calgary Alberta)

Other varietals available.

Organic Carrot Soap

Fernwood, Victoria, BC- Organic Carrot Soap (118gm/bar)

Organic Peanut Butter (Nelson, BC)

4kg of Organic Peanut Butter

Honey (Nanaimo, BC)

15lbs of Local Nanimo, BC Honey